Government bureaucrats are targeting Medicare Part B, which covers drugs that have to be administered under close doctor and nurse supervision, including those used to treat cancer, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, primary immunodeficiency diseases, and other serious medical conditions.


Medicare plays a crucial role in the lives of more than 55.5 million Americans. For many, it's the only way they can afford the drugs that cure or keep them alive. However, the experiment will jeopardize their care by inserting the government between doctor and patient with the goal of changing treatment decisions.


Everyone should be very concerned about this experiment on seniors’ health care. If implemented, it would effectively limit patient access to new drugs that the government has decided are too expensive. For example, the groundbreaking immunotherapy that put former President Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer into remission would face barriers for Medicare patients if this experiment is allowed to proceed.


Please join us and over 300 cancer organizations, agencies and advocacy groups in urging Congress to stop to this ludicrous experiment before it is too late.